Kythira – Australia

The core of the work is the interview of the 93 year old Dimitris Lourantos, resident of Kithira. The interview took place at the fall of 2022. At his young age Lourantos immigrated to Australia, due to extreme poverty. Later he returned to Kithira in order to fulfill his dream and become a teacher.
The interview is organized in 5 blocks, following the steps of his movement. Towards the fifth block, Lourantos’ voice transforms into pure sound texture and melts into the other elements of the performance, which are the narrations of other immigrants, vocalisms and instrumental improvisations. The form of the work itself is a counterpoint of events which gradually turns into a polyphony. The work could be seen as a procession of redemption for all those who had a similar experience.


In the context of “All of Greece one culture 2022” festival
ancient theatre of Gythio, 19&20.07 2022

In cooperation with Oper(O) theatre group
Artistic direction, dramatourgy, voice: Erifili Giannakopoulou
Direction, Narration: Irini Georgalaki
Accordion: Stamatis Pasopoulos
Piano, Electronics: Nikos Galenianos
Sound engineer: Brian Coon