Grey, Orange on Maroon, no 8

There are times when an art piece functions more as the space in which one needs to adjust in, rather than as an object belonging to a certain space. Rothko’s paintings, with their relation to the ideas of scale, abstraction and spirituality, are such a case.
The dual game of object-space is the starting point of this music installation. This duality is recreated with the juxtaposition, or coexistence, of two different sound sources and the painting itself. The answer to whether these elements function as hierarchically equal quantities or not, to whether one is integrated into another or not, depends on the perception of the receiver.
Most important of all, is that the impression is a holistic phenomenon and the feeling that everyone will experience is the real question.
The musicians are devided in two “bodies”. The performance begins behind the audience, with Shakespeare’s sonnet ”O never say I was false of heart”, arranged for quintet. After a few minutes, three amplified musicians on stage start playing “swallowing” the sonnet. At that point Rothko’s painting appears.


Commissioned by the  Classical Young Masters organisation, for its 5th anniversary.
Boijmans van Beuningen museum , Rotterdam, 10.12.2017

Fee Suzanne de Ruijter: soprano
Debora Witteveen: baritone saxophone
Jelmer de Moed: clarinet
Annemiek de Bruin: clarinet
Melle de Vries: cello
Anuschka Pedano: viola
Luuk Meeuwis: alto saxophone
Thomas Dulfer: bassoon