TETTTIΞ (with triple t, pronounced tétix) was born in 2017 on the initiative of Michalis Paraskakis. Its first performance took place in mid 2018, in the small, underground venue Zp87, in the centre of Athens. Since then, it has performed many times in the Onassis Cultural Centre, participated in two films and has collaborated with various artists from the fields of light design, theatre directors, conductors etc.

ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ is a team of young musicians, brought together by their love for contemporary/new music, after their long friendship and collaboration. Consisting of 13 musicians, it has a unique formation: flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, accordion, piano, guitar, harp, percussion, double bass and 3 composers. TETTTIΞ aims at the creation of new repertoire for its bizarre instrumentation, from young and established composers from around the world. Meanwhile, as a genuine child of its era, TETTTIΞ is flirting with improvisation and other music genres, pop, rock, jazz, rembetiko, electronic, traditional, to name a few.


Ana Chifu: flutes
Eirini Amanatiadou: clarinets
Rhea Pickios: bassoon
Guido de Flaviis: saxophones
Panagiotis Ziavras: percussion
Stamatis Pasopoulos: accordion  ⁄ composition
Katerina Konstantourou: piano
Mislav Režić: guitars
Sissi Makropoulou: harp  ⁄ voice
Charis Pazaroulas: double bass
Nikos Ioakeim: composition
Nikos Galenianos: composition
Michalis Paraskakis: voice  ⁄ composition