Grey earth, serpent

4 male singers + bourdon

Based on Dante’s Inferno, the piece could be compared to a lamento, with singers who use their own expression and imagination, in order to wander through the sound. The primal material, on which the piece is based, are vocal free improvisations on the original text.
The singers of the first performance were all composers, aiming at an inner understanding and of the forces that constitute the piece. The effect produced by the extended use of the voice in combination with the rough voice types of the singers is a keystone element.


(first performance)

Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, 10.12.2017
voice 1: Michalis Paraskakis
voice 2: Nikos Ioakeim
voice 3: Alberto Granados Reguil├│n
voice 4: Christoph Blum
indian harmonium: Alexandros Gkonis
conductor: Nikos Galenianos